whoops D:
At work today I sewed the needle right through my middle finger. I must be on something I don't know about because I didn't even feel a thing until I realized I couldn't pull my hand away from the machine.

So then I had one of two options. 1) I could, like a retard, jerk my hand away(and I almost did-moment of clarity ftw!) creating a mess of blood and mass pain; or 2) Slowly pull my finger down the needle until I can release it.

I choose the less bloody rout.

Needless to say my bandaged middle finger has been flicking off a lot of people for the remainder of the day.

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Epik High     AHHHHH!!!!
Handling college by myself is frustrating.

I need new music to pump me up for a run.


I got nuthin.

It would probably help if I put down City of Glass. D:

Started working out again Sunday. Boyfriend has been working out since... March? These are a couple of our random txt's from today about our progress.

(end of lunch break)

Me: I don't want to go back inside and work.

Me: Not that today is bad... It's just that I can barely walk.

Boyfriend: After a week your legs will adapt, you can do it babe!

Me: A week?! ... How bout 3 days?

(earlier this morn)

Boyfriend: You know, I feel a lot skinnier when I wear underwear instead of boxers. It's crazy.

I also txt spammed him with Britney Spears lyrics but that had nothing to do with anything.


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